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Sunday game night dilema

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I am in a slight pickle for game night tomorrow.  I forgot my Dark Elves army book at the armory.  So, I have the models here, know the statlines, but won't be able to open the book to reference anything.  So, this is kind of not wanting me to bring dark elves because someone may have a question and I won't be able to show them the rule, stat, or whatever else without the army book.


I have my Dwarf army book but only have the bases needed for the majority of the army.  My models are in various painting stages and I haven't ordered the bases yet.  I also need to order a unit of rangers, two characters, and a bolt thrower.


As a result, I don't know if I will make it because I would feel bad playing my Dark Elves without the for sure evidence to show my opponent any rules questions they may have and I don't want to play an army of "bases".

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