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Where do y'all buy paints in the PDX area?


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7 hours ago, Torg said:

Guardian Games in Portland used to have a pretty large selection as well last time I was in there.


Yes, Guardian Games carries the full line of GW and Army Painter paints, along with some Wizkids and Turbo Dork. I usually buy paint there, as the store is only a few blocks from the Ordo clubhouse. Sometimes though, they have run out of a specific color (Black, certain washes) and it might take up to two months for them to restock it. 

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On 6/14/2023 at 9:21 AM, CookieCat said:

I'm wanting to get back into mini painting, but currently will be starting from zero. I'm partial to Vallejo Game Colors if there's a place that sells those.

Tammies Hobbies has some, and Rune & board has the ones they lack. They can both order most of the colors, but it's nice to have them in stock.

In particular, the heavy opaque and "game color" are rune and board, while the "model color" is more abundant at tammies. I go to both shops, for my vallejo paints.

Amazon exists too, but it's a tricky one because amazon often doesn't do combined shipping, so 10 paints can be like $80+ because they include the shipping within the prime prices (so it's like $8+ each paint pot). On the other hand, amazon often has a good deal for paint "sets" like if you want any of the vallejo mass produced bundles where you get one of each.

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