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Annual Ordo Senate Elections Meeting 11/19


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Greetings Ordo,




Every year we dissolve the existing Senate and reform to elect a new Senate body and new Officers. On November 19th, we will be holding a Senate Meeting to establish the Senate for the upcoming year. The meeting will start at 11:00AM and hopefully not last beyond 1:00PM. Club business will be addressed following the election process. We will also post a zoom link, allowing for members to participate remotely if required.




Prospective Senators can join at any point during the year, but special attention is given to the process during our Election Meeting.




Any member in good standing is welcome to request to join the Senate. We require that Senators hold a Warlord or higher level Championship membership, plan to attend Senate Meetings as often as possible, and take an active role in supporting the wellbeing and needs of the club. Senators are traditionally relied on to act as keyholders for the clubhouse space, act as Game Night Czars who collect dues, take part in efforts to plan open gaming events, terrain days and tournaments, and act as critical volunteers in the running of OFCC.




Officer roles that will be looking to be filled:



Consul - this role acts as our club president/chairperson. They approve events, schedule and run senate meetings, can create and appoint members on committees, and otherwise act to facilitate the running of Ordo.




Pro-Consul - this role will take on the role of Consul in their absence, either heading meetings when the Consul is unavailable or taking on the role of Consul should they need to step down during the course of the year. They are also tasked with communicating deadlines and schedules as approved by the Senate.




Treasurer - This role tracks club accounts and finances. They make reports to the senate on a monthly basis. They issue reimbursements that have been approved, and deal with any payments the club is required to make.




Chaplain - This role looks to the 'Spiritual Well Being' of the club. This role has taken different forms over the years, but generally they administer communication with the Club and greater gaming community, seek to make sure that the culture of Ordo Fanaticus remains focused around good sportsmanship and love of the hobby, and act to facilitate new members seeking to get involved and get games. They also act as chairperson of Ordo's Disciplinary Committee.




Campaign Czar - This role approves events at the clubhouse and acts as lead liaison for planning of OFCC. They head communication with organizers and HoGs, make sure Game Nights are running regularly and that information about them is being communicated clearly.




Fabricator General - This role attends to the creation and maintenance of Ordo's terrain collection. They can authorize rentals, schedule Club Terrain Days (where members are invited to come and work on improving the collection), recommend purchases, and see to the inventory and tracking of the terrain collection.




Any Senator may also serve as the chairperson of a committee with a specific purview, as established by the Consul.




Feel free to contact me or any of our existing Senators if you have questions about this process.




For the Good of the Order




Ordo Fanaticus Proconsul

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