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Warmaster monthly meetup

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A group of us who have been playing Warmaster in the shadows are starting up a monthly meetup at Ordo. Every second Wednesday @ 5:30 (assuming the club is open of course). 

Never played before, but have a curiosity? Come watch a game, or borrow an army from us and we will have a quick learning game.

Warmaster has very simple rules but has a very high skill cap for solid strategic thinking, positioning, and risk management. Come see what fighting an actual large scale battle looks like, and push your luck with attempting low probability audacious maneuvers which can flip a game on it's head. Enjoy a diverse atmosphere of opponents with the 26 different armies to choose from, yet at the same time not get bogged down in 100's of unnecessary special rules, combinations, and exploitations as you might find in another gaming system.

Don't feel like you have time to start another project? Well if you can paint 10 regular models, you can paint nearly half a full scale army in Warmaster models.

Don't want to buy more books? Neither do I! The rules are free and are a cleaned up version of the original Warmaster rules, so you don't have to argue with your opponent about rules interpretation (truly a novel concept).

Check out the free rules compendium here: https://www.wm-revolution.com/articles/download.html

See you in original old world.

@scottshoemaker I challenge your demonic honor to a battle!


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not sure about the "no rules interpretation" bit...but the rest is pretty true. 🙂 It has always been one of my favorite games and I recently did the tournament at mindtaker. Was terrific and has me buzzing about playing again. Hope to be able to make it to the game nights. Oh, and you didn't even get to the best part. A good starter army, 3d printed, will run you around $150. If you want the STLs, $60-80. Mr. Shoemaker has fantastic prices for printing as well.

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I should clarify, I have seen prices on etsy or ebay for 3d printed warmaster armies go for around $150 +/- $30. Scott's prices are much better, but do require you to have the STLs. I myself have joined the patreon for a few excellent artists, gotten a sweet discount code, and then bought several armies worth of STLs. 

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