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Which version of epic (not IL)?

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So I think I own the rules for a few versions, and want to know which one is the big guy for local gaming? I've got the rules for the 3rd edition box set still and that is the one I'm most familiar with. I then also got the rules for epic Armageddon as those are the last published rules by GW...that was the version where I sort of quit epic because the new army comp rules made all my units illegal from the previous edition. I know there is netEpic out there, and then also a free version of the original epic that used the card formations.

I'm currently sorting through my epic model collection and would love to start thinking about building forces to pay with, but need to know which ruleset is most commonly used.

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Yeah, that is what my research has sort of led to. I now know that NetEpic is the public version of the old Space Marine rules. So we have NetEpic, Epic 40K (90's box set), and Epic Armageddon (now NetEA). Also, there is a UKEpic? which is based on EA I think, but geared towards the competitive scene in UK. 

I like that Epic 40K had lists for all the armies (except maybe squats) originally....but yeah, they really simplified the units. Nice models though.

My collection spans from SM all the way through EA... My eldar infantry is a little weak right now...gotta bolster that up.




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I have found lists for every army that I can think of...using NetEA... which is nice.  Even Squats, Necron and Tau.  I found some nice epic scale STLs for eldar ... on cults. I plan on printing some because my old plastic guardians keep snapping off at the ankles lol.

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