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Looking for female heads.


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Just for clarity,28mm miniature female heads for my counts-as Sisters. I posted the same title on Craigslist and got some odd replies;)

Jokes aside, I'm looking for humans, elves, whatever that I can use for some punk rock Sororitas. I'll probably end up filing down hair and sculpting Mohawks and long pony-tails to show off their day glow dye jobs. The models I'm using for the base are a bit closer to true scale than heroic so smaller is better than bigger. I'm cool with filing down elf ears. I'll need around 40ish all together so I may need to get creative.


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Thanks guys, much appreciated!

Scott: I've checked those out. If I can't find anything else, they're towards the top of my list. Next are the Hasselfree hairless females. I've scoured the internets and there aren't many options;(

I was hoping someone had a bunch sitting in their bits box, gathering dust.

Oohh, maybe I could use these! Shave down the back so they look like Day of the Dead masks and sculpt hair on the back to show they're girls.


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