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I don't complain about plot holes in sci fi special effects extravaganzas. As long as there is something resembling a story and I get to see some sweet action then I got what I was looking for. I thought that movie was awesome. Especially when they throw Colossus through the looping portals to spear that Sentinel. I had some half chub for the rest of the movie after that.

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Action was great but sorry I just couldn't stick with it. Every 5 minutes I would stop and literally say out loud, "Waaaaaaait a minute...he was dead or his powers don't do this or what about 3 movies ago that was a different story". That's why I always liked Marvel is that usually they would follow the plot lines whereas DC could exist in several different dimensions. Plot lines I think the Avengers and all the individual movies that pre-dated the idea of the avengers where awesome. They follow as much as they can. Yes there are a few hiccups.


But who am I to really talk. I Hated with a passion the original hugh jackman x-men. Yuck.

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Oh Thomas Cruise would have nailed that, really he should be in every movie. Titanic would have been an even more amazing movie with him starring in it. No one can play "Rose" better than him. And that nude scene would have been phenomenal. And then could you just picture Lee Dicaprio and Cruisy floating on a head board in the icy waters of the Atlanic, "Rose, you have to promise me Rose, that you're going to live on. You're going to grow up and make lots of babies Rose."


Jim funny you should mention Scientology I wanted to sit you down and see if we can't take your E-Meter reading. I am willing to bet you might be on the high end. But don't worry there are some Level 4 Universe Paladins in our church that can help you bring those down. And the REALLY REALLY great news is that it right now there is 20% discount off the fee for new joiners. Isn't that great. And we have finance plans so after a few easy payments our religion can be yours. Who can say no to that.

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