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New Necrons from SoB


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from Blood of Kittens



So, interesting rules. How does the Conclave rule work when interacting with things that don't wound against toughness? Example, grav weapons.


"...must always use the C'tan Shard's Toughness...."

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That part wouldn't have any effect, since weapons like Grav, Sniper, and Poison aren't affected by the target's Toughness in most cases. If you want to get technical about it, you're using the Shard's Tougness value, it just doesn't figure into the to-wound roll in any way.


Also the Solar Thermasite is crazy-broken. As if Command Barges weren't tough enough before, not they get to reroll saves and inflict Instant Death on MEQ characters!

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Very clever, AP.



I have a feeling that will only have short-lasting implications since the new Codex will be out early January and will most likely alter things enough to matter.

You say that, but I think the likely outcome is that these will be really broken when the codex comes out in January...

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Because the Necron player chooses whom to apply the hits to, either on the barge or the lord. Get shot with bolters, take it on the barge. Get shot with melta, take it on the lord.

I thought that was only in melee.

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