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Finally An Apoc Game


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So check, check it. Me and good ol'Jason Marcel are going to put together an apoc game. We are going to start auditioning only the finest most elite players for a game. Only the best most experienced. Ha. No but seriously.......


If anyone and I mean anyone, is interested please let me know. We want to keep it Space Marines vs. Tyranids. The idea is that the Tyranids can't die but in order to win, have to kill every last model on the board. I know I have already somewhat talked with Brad Nardone about playing, (to him) if your out there and you still want to play let me know.


We are specifically seeking those who have a Marine type army that will go well with Imperial fists to team up and help defend the existence of man. Or whatever the hell you want to call a space marine.


Painted is preferred but not required.

Depending on the amount of people interested it will be no more than 12k (yes twelve thousand) points per side. Ie.) Teams of 2 then each member takes 6k. Teams of 3 then each will take 4k. And so on and so forth.


The day of reckoning (game day) would be either;

1/24 or

1/31 depending on who and what are available.


If you haven't played it is a fun and exhilarating experience. If you have, you haven't played like this. This type of Apoc will be like a movie directed by Michael Bay. Unlike Mikey Bazy it will be enjoyable. (I secretly love Bay. Sshh it's a secret.)

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Eli how much guard do you possess that you could play with? 


Loren Scotch has shown me motivation. Turns out it can be quite the motivator, Also turns out it's not the most reliable back seat driver. But what army would you play and how many points?


And Brad...the Beardy Brad....guys with Prius brad.......brad who lets me sleep over at said named house even though I didn't stay long enough to sleep, even though I really wanted to and it was really super duper fun Brad. Do you have any Tyranids that you could play with??

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This sounds like good fun.


At the great risk of saturating the Marines side my DA would be easy to finish up painting by then.


Grey Knights less so but somewhat possible to finish. Have my stormtroopers too but if you want to keep it to Astartes rather than Imperium at large that's understood.


DA ~1200

GK ~2000

Tempestus ~750

Assassin 150

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Jim only because I like gaming with you, and only that reason, looks like we are going to change the fluff wise to Xenos vs. Marines.


Again I love the interest and I want to make this a big Apoc game guys, it already sounds awesome. So if anyone else wants to play and has some xenos they want to play let me know. Going to be a blast.

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