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WTB - Bound psyker model (40k)


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Hey all,


I dont have a picture of the model, but it is a bound psyker, in chains and arching his back.  Like he is tied to a stake (but not).  His arms are crossed, or at his side (ie chained/bound).  ANyone remember this model, and or have it and want to part with it?


Sorry for the bad description, I am going from memory.



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deamonhost is what I needed. found it right away with that term.  

Ultimately this i what I want, but dont see a model for it,



I can make this one work:




or this one:


I would take this one also





2nd request.  I also need a cherub, or better yet a baby in utero (similar) for a converstion, if it had an umbicle cord, the better.... 


Im looking to make something like this, but with a baby inside.....


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