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Bombing Run into Reserve


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Gonna jump straight to the question.  Can a bomber perform a bombing run as it leaves the table to go back into ongoing reserves?  The BRB's rules on bombing runs don't seem to prevent it but just thought I'd double check.


BRB on Bombing Runs: "To make a Bombing Run, a Flyer must be Zooming; a Flying Monstrous Creature must be Swooping. Move the model that is making the Bombing Run, and then nominate one model that it passed over. Place the blast marker for the Bomb so that the central hole on the marker is over the target model, and roll a scatter dice."

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Yeah it looks clear.  I felt pretty "jipped" the first time someone did a Heldrake flyby off the table but it is legal also.


The thing i always get confused on is from what direction the attack is considered to have come from.  I assume it's where the model ends, but I think you could literally go either way on that.  As the bombing run happens at the end of a movement phase, that makes the most sense but it comes up every single time I use a bomb.  That hasn't been often.  But recently i have been using a Tau bomber and it's coming up frequently now.  Lol.


Anywho, that would be my opinion.

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