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Spartan is going to make the HALO tabletop game(s)


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It will have room to grow, the Halo universe is ripe with lore.  For the ground combat game you can have options to run different kinds of armies for both the Covenant and UNSC in all likelihood.  


I know I'll be rocking ODST backed up by a couple Spartan II's. 


I love Firestorm Armada, so I'm ready to pick this game up for sure. 

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I am a little surprised as well. Figured Fantasy Flight or some such would be given it considering their success with the Star Wars License.


If this Halo Game is handled as just different ships using the firestorm rules, and with only a few factions, it makes some sense to license a relatively small project out to Spartan since the rules are established and need no development, and they have the infrastructure to manufacture, etc.

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