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vehicle squadrons

Brother Glacius

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You always resolve shots against the closest model in the squadron, yes. This will occasionally mean that you may have to hit different armor facings, depending on how the squadron and enemy are positioned. (It's also a big part of how Leman Russes can protect themselves from enemies by putting AV14 in essentially every direction.)

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Yep. That's why you have to resolve Armour Penetration one at a time, too, because when you destroy one, the next might have a different AV facing the Unit.

Also note that you resolve weapons by type in this edition.

-Range is measured by weapon type, so destroying the guy in the front with lascannons may make you plasmacannon out of range to the squadron.

-Gets hot weapons can now be fired after determining if the other weapons in the unit succeed or fail.

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Or, conversely, you can choose to wait to fire the Plasma Cannon until after you see if the Vehicle in front with the AV13 Facing toward you gets dropped by the Lascannon and you can fire the Plasma Cannon into the AV11 of the next one, or just not bother with risking the Gets Hot if it's still just going to be taking a chance on AV13.

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