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Forget those Chaos Brother chumps of the End Times....

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Here are some new goblin heroes that I made for the recent Black Sheep Brawl....Mirko and Meggo.  Those who played against my orcs in the old days will remember Mirko as a lil' goblin boss who more often than not made himself into more than a royal pain for the enemy...far more than a goblin boss should have been able to.


So...in getting back to orcs recently...I thought it would be fun to make a new Mirko mounted on one of the cool 40k Fenrisian wolves.  The legs are wolf riders, the heads are "sneaky stabba" heads, the axes are from the Black Orc kit and I made the rest.  Mirko always had some lil' bit of cheatin' to help him in the old days (remember "Wallapa's One Hit Wonder"?)...so I made him with a potion to swig.  While making one...I thought I might as well make two....so I made him a brother, Meggo.  Here they are....



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