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Yes deadzone is special operations version. Models are going to interchangeable. I hope they make a campaign that draws the two together



Man,I didn't even know Warpath was a KoW like game with rules written by the same guy.Looking over the 2.0 rules im getting real stoked about these new systems!


Plus Warpath is having a big release in May with a kickstarter:)...im gonnna have a hard time deciding between Space Rats and Space Dwarves!.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I thought warpath was too simple in the diversity of units, but with deadzone it looks sweet and a two game system campaign will be awesome.


I look at how zone mortalis can play well into the deepstrike effects of 40k. The capacity to kill in warpath is harder which I think helps.


I am very excited by warpath especially since the improvements mantic has made with their models are pushing 40k quality, but so much cheaper.

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Yeah,but that's the main reason I like Allesio Cavatore`s games,he intends for a "simple system" that is very playable,yet the strategies can still be quite deep,especially when figuring in the unit activiation system of both Bolt Action and Warpath.This can also make for a very balanced game amongst all the armies available,though im sure with added special rules power creep could get crazy still.


Warpath is certainly no 40k but with free rules and army lists it will likely continue to gain steam much like KoW has been doing:)


Cant wait to get my Deadzone delivery now!


However I feel like I will be drawn to the Marauders,even though I remember you saying they suck...I just have a weakness for melee based armies,heh.

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So how does the campaign work? Do we field 140pts in a game? or only 70? To lazy to read the rules. :)

Okay, so this is how a campaign works.


You pick 140 point strike team consisting of any number of troopers and up to three clearances of other units (each type of unit costs one clearance).


So let's say you're playing Enforcers:

You can pick Enforcers, Assault Enforcers and Enforcer Defenders without paying a clearance.

If you also wanted to take a Sergeant, Sniper and Strider, that would take up your three clearances.

You then add them up to get to 140.


When you get to a game, you build a 70 point strike team out of the models in your 140 point strike force. If you ever have less than 70 points left alive in your strike force, you can add 'new guys' consisting of your basic troop model (in this case, basic Enforcers with rifle) until you get over 70 for free. You can also spend rep that you get in your battles to buy new dudes and you get an additional clearance after each battle.


That's the reader's digest version. I recommend reading up on the campaign rules though. It gets more complicated.

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Can you give a quick rundown on the faction play styles?



Enforcers - High mobility, good shooting, tough all-arounders. Elite, high points.

Plague - Good fighting, poor but numerous shooting (except the mortar). Mostly cheap as all heck. 

Marauders - Good shooting, epic cheap fighting. Combination of super cheap and very expensive models. 

Forgefathers - Toughest dudes with good shooting and fight. Spendy but worth it.

Asterians - Delicate, great shooting and movement.

Rebs - Super cheap, but weak all-arounders. 

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

A good point to understand when reading this is movement is very simple one or two cubes. Dimensions of the game is based on cubes of 2"x2", so is range. You are three cubes away, no ruler needed.


To understand the mobility of the enforcers they have jump packs and can take full advantage of the 3d environment better than any other faction, making them super hard to catch.


Melee focused vs shooting focus, is balanced based on mission types, each factions has their own mission cards and are tailored to faction strengths. A fisty team is therefore no better than a shooty team as both are working to victory points best suited for them to achieve.

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