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KoW in 15mm


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From the demos I've seen of the 28mm each figure is on it's own base. But what I've seen they all maneuver together. Would there by any reason I should base them just like 28mm on their own individual bases?

No reason I can think of; since the unit maneuvers together and are removed as a whole, you essentially treat the whole unit as a single model.

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Oh, I get it. Well the warmaster models are basically on strips that are meant to fit on a rectangular base. So basically two strips per base. For your 15mm, I would simply cut unit trays, and then put the models on the unit tray however you want. Check out the kings of war Facebook page. There are plenty of people there making unit trays with 28mm models and that should give you ideas on how to do the same with 15mm.

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I've thought about it, but lead mountain has lead me to foreswear buying any new figures of any sort until I at least finish my 15mm ancients, Warmachine, Kings of War, and Saga stuff. (I'm sure I'll stick to it.)


As for 15mm, I'd do the following, as most of my 15mm is based on the WRG standard 40mm frontage:


Infantry troop: 40mm x 20mm (1 base)

Infantry regiment: 40mm x 40mm (2 bases)

Infantry horde: 80mm x 40mm (4 bases)


Cavalry troop: 40mm x 30mm (1 base)

Cavalry regiment: 40mm x 60mm (2 bases)


Or I'd stick with the standard unit sizes and just fill it up with huge amounts of 15mm figures for that big army look. A 100mm x 80mm block of 15mm orcs is going to look pretty impressive.


(God help me, I'm really looking hard at 6mm these days.)

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