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An Actual PS Backwards compatability thread


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PS1 games play on anything but a 4. PS2 games only played on the first four runs of PS3-- there were four usb ports on these models. 


Ok, back to the actual subject... 


Wait? PS1 games play on PS3 Brick?




It's a downloadable update. Check the store.

You have me intrigued! Is there a name on this thing we could easily search for?

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Nope, it doesn't work. It does not allow the newer systems to play PS2 games. It DOES allow systems that already play PS2 games, models CECHA, CECHB and CECHE, to download FFXI and SOCOM to the hard drive. That's it.

Oh interesting. I never used it because I didn't have any ps2 games.
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Correct. Every playstation except the 4 will play ps1 discs assuming there are no physical defects. The first four editions of the ps3 will also play ps2 discs. Look for four usb ports on the front. 


The Xbox360 plays the majority of the more popular original xbox discs but you will need an internet connection the first time you play it. Once your machine has the DRM for that game it will continue to play offline until you reformat the drive. You can get a wiki list of compatible games. 


The first run of Wii systems will play gamecube games. Check for gamecube controller ports on the top. You will need a gamecube controller to play them. 


Other systems with backwards compatibility include Sega Genesis, Atari 7800, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. 


If you like Retro games I really recommend the Retron 5. It plays 9 different classic cartridges and upscales to HD. 

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That's pretty sweet.  $160 though.


It's actually a tremendous bargain at that price. Mainly because it includes an HDMI upscaler which often costs more alone. Also, it has limited translation capabilities for import games (it's almost completely region free) Every game that it plays will play faster and smoother than it ever did on its native hardware. It creates save states for games that didn't initially have them... which is huge if you remember playing really hard 8 and 16 bit platformers. 

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