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Whos Ready for tonight at Guardian!?

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Another great AoS session!


Lots of Sigmarines zapping down all over the place,I think all of us had brought some amount of Stormcast to play.With that I think I may start running my Undead and Moonclan armies a bit more.Sigmarines are still my main painting project and will be hitting the table again once the Celestant Prime joins them.

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I think the Mordheim league is pretty much done. We've only had a few players the last couple weeks and most people seem to be very interested in learning Infinity. I'll have a talk with Raindog today and see what we should be planning for Sundays @ WOW for the next few months.

Indeed,we do need an active Realmgate at WoW for Sundays:)


The Friday league has been fun, actually getting a bit rowdy even with Steel Angel hitting on the lady`s and all!...I mean that literally as in those tables are bit close together in the sip,lol

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