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The Tao of Dave. A Yu Jing ISS PLOG


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Im not going to lie, I've gotten complacent with my techniques painting space marines for the last few years and with the more realistic 28mm scale and high level of fine detail Infinity miniatures have, its been a challenge to paint in comparison but have also been a lot of fun. so its time to break out my tiny detail brushes and water down my paint. I started off with the ISS starter box and added a few extra boxes and blisters fill out my lists


first up are the backbone of my ISS force, the Celestial Guard.


I've decided to go with a non standard paint scheme with these guys. Grey urban camo pants and white armor with yellow markings. not sure if i like how the hackers hacking device turned out. i may have to revisit that and I still have a few more of these guys with combi rifles and a spitfire to paint soon. 


Kuang Shi


who doesn't love these plucky suicide bombers with giant guns. I've only played a grand total of one game so I haven't had a chance to use these guys yet but they look like a lot of fun. 


Wu Ming


I've only got one that came with he starter box but he was fun to paint and they have some interesting weapon options ill have to pick up some more of these guys later.


Hsien Warrior


This guy is a badass and he'll usually either be my lieutenant or my primary lieutenant decoy so he gets to paint his armor black. He's like the Darth Vader to the rest of my white storm troopers.


Pheasant Rank Imperial Agent


not really one of my favorite models as I feel like he has an awkward pose and I also didn't notice until I started painting that his face was a little miscast from the fact that the sprue attachment was directly in the center of his face causing him to lose some of that detail but with a bit of filiing and paint I was able to sort of refashion it into a silver visor.


Now for some support elements to the ISS. the Sophotect


on loan from Aleph, she seems to be a pretty important support model for ISS forces. being both an engineer and doctor and one of the few options for either she will probably show up in quite a few of my larger lists. I've still got to paint her hover ring/ forge and a yudbot that goes along with her.


Yaokong Husong guardian remote


hi tech and shiny.


Still on the assembly table are the remaining Kuang Shi and Celestial Guard, a Crane Rank Agent, another Yaokong and a Su Jian. 

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thanks guys, I haven't read the fluff book, do you think its worth buying? how detailed does it go into the universe and factions?


anyways my bases arrived last night and I got so excited I started painting them before I took a photo. These are the Tau Ceti set from Secret Weapon miniatures. really crisp casts with only a tiny bit of flash around the edges that cleaned up pretty easily.




here is a group shot of the finished models on they new bases also shot of the crane rank agent I've been working on. 


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the urban camo is pretty simple, I've used citadel paints on this model.


For the mechanical parts I've used Eshin grey with a back wash then highlighted. the armor base is dawnstone grey with he next step up in camo being administratum grey. the lightest grey is a 50/50 mix of administratum and white. typically an urban camo will have a black pattern in there as well but I felt it would detract too much from the silhouette of the model particularly with he black panel lines on the armor. 

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