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Imperial Fists 2000 First Attempt


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Well, here is my first go at a 7th Edition list. I went with a Battle Company for a couple of free transports.  I left some of the specific loadout off, like special and heavy weapons, so suggestions are appreciated.  There is wiggle room in the points.


*The Chaplain and Captain each join an Assault Squad, one in a Razorback and the other in the Stormraven.


Battle Company



2 x 10 Tac Squad in Rhino

4 x 5 Tac Squad

2 x 5 Assault Squad with Vet Sgt

3 Centurian Devastator Squad w/Grav Cannons

5 Devastator Squad w/4 LCannons

1 Dreadnought w/MMelta


Storm Wing

1 Stormraven

2 Stormtalon

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If your going double battle company why not razorbacks? And why did you pick assault squads? Most people see that as a small tax and go with the cheap attack bike. I personally like land speeds but I'm a DA player lol

Good questions.  I went with Assault Squads to support assaulty Characters (Captain and Chaplain).

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I've really enjoyed my stormtalons so far - TL assault cannons with strafing run are surprisingly punchy against all sorts of targets.


On the other hand, I've haven't had much luck with the assault squads. They only do well against the weakest targets and unsurprisingly don't far well against enemy assault units. I would leave the character and vet sarge out and use them solely as a cheap tarpit unit for enemy shooters or a melta bomb delivery vehicle.

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