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Tuesdays in Bellingham are a time we should use to reflect, particularly over what games we will play, and what beer we will drink.


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I'm playing the Miles thing and desperately want to get a game of Catacombs in (without my children). Catacombs should take no more than an hour and involves flicking discs around in a dungeon to kill monsters and collect loot. Catacombs can play 4 more in addition to me, though if the game is as lethal as I think it might be, an extra player might not hurt.


What time, Miles and Brad? 5:30? 6:00?

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... almost have my entire 2000 point army list painted up!  woot


(just a random, Bellingham gaming scene drive-by update)

Awesome! May happen you can game on some Tuesday in the near future?


I've been working on a new 40k army, a Eldar/Dark Eldar list themed after the Void Dragon Corsairs. I've got 4 units done, with many, many more to go. I'm jealous of you, because I know how good it feels to be close to finished with an army!

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Mr. Graham,


I'm hoping to game on a Tuesday night soon.  I haven't come down the past couple due to getting chores done 'round the house and property.


The last couple of models needed to be built for my army list hopefully will be done soon.  My first vacation ends on 10-05 but my second vacation starts on 10-10 and goes until 11-02 so I'm hoping to game some then.


Stay safe,



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