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Rusty Necrons for sale *SOLD*


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The time has come to admit I can not devote the same amount of time, energy, and funds to 40K as I once could. My loss could be your gain however as I am looking to sell my Necron Army. I will post a list of what is included but wanted to post some pics now and take this all important first step. My preference is to sell locally (mainly not wanting to pack and ship) and my asking price is $600 (with some wiggle room). *edit* I live in Portland.
What is included:
1 Destroyer Lord
1 Lord w/Command Barge (magnetized to also be 1 Lord and 1 Annihilation Barge)
1 Overlord
4 Crypteks
1 Lord
1 C'Tan
6 Wraiths
2 Arks (optional portal pieces/could count as Stalkers)
3 Flyers
60 Warriors
18 Immortals
5 Destroyers
3 Spyders
31 Scarab bases
1 Annihilation (not the CCB)
5 themed objective markers
1 themed display board










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