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Link teams only in sectorials?


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? Were you putting link teams in vanilla factions? I don't think it's an unnecessary exclusion, that's the whole perk with sectorials. Otherwise you're just limiting your options with no real upside. Maybe some better AVA.


There are some link options outside of sectorials, I don't know much about them though. Tohaa is the one example that comes to mind.

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Yep, Sectorials really only offer two things over vanilla as far as I can see: Links, and sometimes higher AVA for certain troops. As far as I know, that's all you get. Oh, and some mercs can only fight for specific ones.


The downside is that you are excluding a pretty large portion of your faction's troops from your choices. It's an interesting option, 'factions within factions'.


I am curious how the rumored upcoming 'Duo teams' will be limited: sectorials only as well? Can't wait to see!

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Forgot you usually just do MO Evan, makes sense that you wouldn't know about the link teams! Without link teams Merovingia would be pretty weak I think. They have three good link options thankfully. They have no killer models really, all are pretty weak alone.

Yeah, I have literally only played MO.  



I like the Tohaa. They could be a faction for me.

You should!  They look like a lot of fun to bring to the table.



Tohaa are not frog people. They are artichoke people.

Either way they are gross.  It's not natural.

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