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Battle company and a knight


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So list review request tips and what you would do different. The list will have an alteration in the form of drop pods


Kasorro khan


3 tactical squads all in razorbacks and with flamers

Dreadnaught multi melta heavy flamer drop pod

Attack bike multi melta

Devestator squad with rockets



3 tac squads in razorbacks with melta guns

Attack bike multi melta

Dev centurions with grav


10th company task force

3 squads of 3 scout bikes


Oath sworn detachment

Knight acheron

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Khan is vastly better than a Chapter Master; Scout is invaluable.


Regular Scouts over Scout Bikes is probably a better call, if you have the models available- they can Go to Ground, have more bodies, etc.


If you're running Battle Company you typically want to be maximizing the number of transports you bring. That means running Assault Squads over Attack Bikes and Devastators over Centurion Devs, unless you have a good reason not to. Devs in a Rhino with Grav Cannons are an excellent choice for their slot.

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Lack of models available is the general reason for the centurions and getting the 15 grav shots has never let me down with enough hot dice you can wreck alot of things. And since i plan to move to drop pods khan has no real benefit to those. And scout bikes are a smaller foot print that with locator beacons can put me right in the enemies deployment zone without scatter. Being a point cheaper and having a slightly higher toughness doesnt hurt either. So with these things in mind what else could change to help be beneficial to the army. Is the acheron the best knight choice or is there a better one

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It's amazing to me that a player getting hundreds of extra points in free transports is actually complaining about having a restriction placed on a list that is, by it's very nature, well beyond the point level of a given game.


It's not that the restriction is particularly limiting- "smart" Battle Company players are gonna take Khan anyways, so it's essentially meaningless- but rather it's indicative of a pattern of decisions that Reece in particular seems to make based on what he thinks the rules should say rather than what they actually do say.


Changing the rules to limit a game-breaking effect (2+ rerollable saves, Invisibility, Unbound lists, etc) is acceptable because it has a good rationale. Changing the rules because you can and you think that it "doesn't make sense" is not. We play a game about Aryan supermen who fly on spaceships the size of islands so they can climb into a cannon that shoots them into the dirt where they punch fungus in the face with chainsaws. Nothing makes sense.

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Im not complaining it just confused me since we can inherently take an upgrade to a squad and be legal for the formation and then you can potentially have a chapter master on a bike with a relentless orbital bombardment and its like nope. And the war convocation gets the free stuff treatment just not free transports

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