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W: Ultramarines or unpainted Space Marines

Nato Sicarius

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W: Trying to make an Ultramarines Demi-company or two, looking for extra Space Marines, drop pods, rhino/razorbacks that are unpainted or still on sprue. Also looking for Captain Sicarius (he seems to be rare lately)

FT: I have an unboxed Riptide, unboxed Hammerhead, Unboxed Necron Annihilation Barge, unboxed Necron Ghost Ark for trade or just plain cash. I'm looking for a discount, so I'll defaultly pass if you want cash for a NIB at retail.

I have a whole box full of full sprues, plus about 50 Ultramarines and Veteran metal shoulder pads, and every Ultramarine special character in metal. All of it 50% off. PM me if you're interested.


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