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Recomendations on Resin casting


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Hi Guys


i am currently looking to cast up some scenery pieces in some silicone moulds and was wondering what people have used resin wise in the past and what works best, cheapest to mass produce product? 


Im after something that is easy to poor, store and also that is easy to mix correctly. This is my first venture in casting so any help on the materials would be awesome. Also what do people use for releasing agents? Someone mentioned petroleum jelly?




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I've used smooth-on as well. With the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon it's pretty cheap. I highly recommend the 15ish minute pour time over the one minute stuff. Sure you can demold the quicker version faster but I've had bases start to set before I was all poured. Super easy mix too! One to one by volume is hard to mess up. To see how much you'll use just fill your molds with rice, dump rice into two disposable cups evenly, Mark the "high water" level and use a touch more for whatever stuck to the cups during mixing.

Also, shake the hell out of the dark half of the resin.

Good luck!

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What I use (after a fair bit of experimentation):


Silicone mold material: Smooth-On Mold Max 14 NV. You need to measure it 10:1 by weight, but if you have a kitchen scale or something it's impossible to get wrong. I can't say enough good stuff about this silicone. Paint on the first layer, and you'll have bubble-free castings galore.


Resin: Smooth-On Smooth Cast 320. Reasonable working time, and very, very fluid. Brush the mold first with baby powder, and it virtually eliminates bubbles.


Good luck! Resin casting is super fun and it's actually pretty darn easy. Post your results!

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Mr. Graham,


At one point I am going to dinner or lunch date you and have you assist me with all my questions about casting resin bases.  I think it would be (a) fun; (b) economical and © give originality options for all my various armies.


You've been warned.


On a side note, I do know how busy we both are so I anticipate seeing a leprechaun riding a unicorn across a rainbow bridge to the magical land of duckies and bunnies before I am able to take you out for said free meal.  But I definitely am interested...


Stay safe,



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