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New Tau units

Lord Hanaur

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So some rumors were wrong for sure (sadly, in one case, cause I was really hoping about one of them) but the new dex looks goood.  


anyn have a favorite Formation?  I'm still mulling those.  But here's what I posted on my blog:  




The one thing I am really kinda up in the air about is that Pulse Driver Cannon.  Giving up the Destroyer weapon is a tougher choice for 15 points than it looks.  the meta I suppose will largely determine the value but...  Modeling wise, gotta make a choice right?

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The Optimized Stealth Cadre and Retaliation Cadre are both quite strong. +1BS is clutch.


I think that the Pulse Driver Cannon is the preferred upgrade on the Stormsurge; I actually went back and forth on it a lot myself, but I lean much more towards the Driver now for a variety of reasons. The easy one is consistency- it's always S10 AP2, end of story. No shenanigans with ranges, no weird fire modes, it's a big blast with good stats, period. The second reason is the range itself; 30" on the Blastcannon just isn't very far, and on a unit that wants to be stationary that's a big disadvantage- in effect, both guns are typically getting two shots much of the time because the Blastcannon will have to pull up stakes and move in order to get its preferred profile, whereas the Driver will not. Third, the Blastcannon is only AP3 in its middle range band- that means that it isn't breaking through Centurion armor, which is critical when it comes to Intercepting a unit before they get to dump firepower on you. Contrawise, the Driver should usually destroy a squad of Cents as they come down, which is important for Tau to be able to do.


Four Str D shots off the Blastcannon is fantastic if it ever works, but so rarely will it be able to do what you want that I can't really get behind it- and you've already got those Destroyer Missiles for taking out a big target. There's just too many situations where the Blastcannon's differing profiles will be a liability rather than an advantage, in my opinion.

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Oh I'm fine with that.  I am not hoity-toity about the blog.  I would prefer to get it right.  I have had a rules thing shown to me here or there before which just made my article better for knowing it so there's always room for improvement, including spelling.  So no worries on that end.  I don't even monetize my blog.  I didn't want people thinking i'm out to click-whore, so to speak so I never did.  I probably should at some point?  Maybe it'll pay for a codex or something.  Lol.  


Originally I just liked having a central place to write my thoughts on subjects and then be able to link to them when I'm in a discussion as well on the many forums and Facebook places I am.  It's grown to be more than that, but that was my intent in making it originally.

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