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HoG submissions for OFCC 2016


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We are happy to announce that we will be accepting submissions for the Head of Gaming for OFCC 2016


If you want to be a HOG (Head of Gaming) of the OFCC this year, we ask that you submit your application to the Campaign Czar (Rhuntar) via PM or email. (Please PM Rhuntar for his email address)


We are interested in supporting a variety of gaming systems this year, and I encourage players and organizers across our community to reach out and see how we can include your game in OFCC



The HoGs will work with the Campaign Czar and Senate in designing, organizing and running the event for which they are selected. Those interested in applying to be HoG will be required to submit a proposal which will give an overview of their vision for the event and will detail the following criteria


1. Missions and Scenarios

2. Player and Team match up methodology.

3. List Rating and Army Composition criteria

4. Scoring methods (Sportsmanship, Painting, Battle Points, etc..)

5. Point Value for the event

6. Achievements and Awards


Your proposal to the Campaign Czar should include a cover letter detailing what your vision for the event is and why you wish to be a Head of Gaming.


If your proposal is accepted, you may be required to make changes based on the developing needs of the event and the club.


As this is an Ordo Fanaticus sponsored event, the HoG will need to work closely with the Campaign Czar to ensure that the spirit of the event is being appropriately represented.


The selections for HoG will be announced in January.


Please PM Rhuntar if you have any additional questions.


Thank you,


-jeffrey kauffman

Ordo Fanaticus Campaign Czar 2016

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Will this be required for Infinity?

This is required for anyone who wishes to run events. Having all the event submissions will allow us to make sure we have room for every event (very likely not a problem) but we also get multiple submissions for a single game system and have to choose. This was not the case last year with Infinity, but could be this year.

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Do we have a list of proposed events or thoughts on which events could be run?  Or is that part of the HoG submission?

We are open to having any miniatures related events, or even board games. All we need is someone willing to put in a submission and run the event and we will try to fit them in.

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