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KoW gamenight week 2 Tuesday at WOW 6pm(or before, that's just when ill get there!)

Don't Panic

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Second week, Starting November 17th Scenerio 2 INVADE!!!

  • We will be using 1000 points.  Add up the cost of units that are TOTALLY in your opponents half of the board at the end of turn 6.  If the difference is greater than 100 points in your favor then you are granted sweet victory!
  • Bonus point for getting your slowest moving unit(randomly selected if you have multiple)  across the middle of the board.  Must be movement 6 or below to count!  They do not have to live but just achieve this feat!  1 Bonus point if you prevent your opponent from this objective! (cumulative!)

come on down guys!  had 4 guys this week but i know there's other guys out there feeling the itch!  get those movement trays and square bases moving again!


Also, for those that attended last week i totally forgot the scoresheets in my bag... ugh.  if you want to send me them by PM/on here that would be great!  otherwise ill bring them this week for you to fill out both weeks.  



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