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best gaming mat for the money?

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I would recommend rubber backed.


1. Have:

Bought a Desert battle mat from GG and that was better than any other battle mat I had.


This is officially a "Wastelands" mat but looked useful to depict a brown desert.
Have one. Love it. Lays flat. Mouspad-like material. Spendy. 4x6 runs $75-95
Smaller ones more reasonably priced.

2. Have
Monday Knight Productions
Flocked Mats (Green and Desert)
Got mine from TheWarStore for $42
Disappointed. Fabric backing slides on table. Flocking rubs off.
They have unflocked mats, but have not tried those.


3. Have

Woodland Scenics 50"x 100" Grass Mat
$33.00 direct

Good, not great. Tough, but a little stiff. Good texture, but that same texture means that small bits and fibers get stuck in it.  Have not tried cleaning it with lint roller but that might work.


4. No opinion, have not used, but looking:
Gale Force9 Space Gaming Mats

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Gamat.eu has some very nice quality mats that are slightly thinner than the fat mats. This does not reduce the quality by any means and even has the added benefit of being easier to roll up. Shipping cost around $30 and takes under a month. I own both fat mats and gamemats and I have a hard time deciding which is better. I would choose the one you like the look of the best since quality is the same.

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