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question about models in tournament play


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Hello everyone TW here with a question for the knowledgeable.


I have been playing 40k for a few years now and want to step up my game, and try tournament play.


1) I have Ork bikes and all my characters ride choppers i raked and stretched them myself so now there longer than the base will this disqualify them from ITC games?


2) I am building a scratch build stompa if it is the same dimensions and wiziwig can it be used or do I need to use the model and not a toy?


I am from Bellingham and will be playing in Seattle and Portland, I don't see traveling out of the 2 states as part of my play.


Thank you for your time


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There used to be tournaments, mostly being done in sponsored stores, that required that 75% of the model had to be GW plastic/metal. Haven't seen anything about that recently. The BRB also states that models have to be based on the base size that they are boxed with. This rule was brought up recently on these forums about the new BA jump bases and whether or not it was recommended/required that people rebase all their BA jump unit bases.

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As a TO of the Guardian cup and others, I say welcome to Tournament play! It is a fun way to meet new players and try/see new things.


Since GW went the way of the Dodo for touranments, most tournaments are quite open to conversions and other models from other ranges being used for GW things. Like Mantics Kings of War or Warpath. As long as things are clear it almost always works out. The biggest thing is the modelling for advantage aspect where you model in such a way as to give you an advantage in one way or another.


IMO, both of your things should be fine. If you are worried, check with the TO beforehand.


P brings up a good point, if GW gets back into tournaments then they would enforce the 75% rule, but not any regular gamestore/tournament.

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Well, from conversations with game store owners that make their payroll off of model sales, one of the concentrations is that people only play the models that they buy from game stores. Personally I have no problems with that. I do remember a bit of shenanigans back in maybe 97-98 about a metro level tournament that was won by a guy that had plasticasted all of his tyranids but the paint job obscured the castings until one talon piece broke at the last game and showed the white casting plastic. It's one of those things that are kind of hard to prove and enforce unless you are willing to take someone's models by force and scrape the paint away to see what's underneath. Just one of those things.

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