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Dreadnought formations?


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I don't think I've ever seen an all Dreadnought formation, but honestly I'd be surprised if there wasn't one out there. I looked through my copies of Kauyon and Shield of Baal: Exterminatus and couldn't find any Dreadnought formations, but maybe it's in an Imperial Armor book? I'm not very familiar with those so I can't say with certainty.

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CSM have a few Formations for their Helbrutes.


You can also do an all Dread Army with a mix of the Company of the Great Wolf (Bjorn as the required HQ, and then Dreads for the Elites) and BA Allied Detachment/Fleshtearers Strike Force, using Cassor the Damned from Shield of Baal: Deathstorm as the required Troop.

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Exactly as above you can get tricksey to do all dreads but there isn't one that just says hooray here are dreads!


Iron hands don't have anything any more clan did not do it and is getting rolled into the new adeptus astartes book. And the supplemental imperial fist guys are getting the same treatment.


With the imp fists you could do some crazy heavy on the dread stuff. Ironclad unit 2 assault centurions then up to 10 additional ironclad or contemptor units. The contemptor unit is the data fax for the betrayal at Calth box so not as many options but still great!

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hhmmm, this kind of makes me sad. I was hoping to get some librarian dreads in there... will have to play around with some formations.

Fleshtearers Strike Force. Cassor as the one required Troop (and a Drop Pod for him as the required FA), and then you can get a couple of Librarian Dreads. Then you've got three Elites slots for Furiosos or whatever.

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Space wolves have two that are descent. One does have a Iron priest that comes with it. You can take up to 5 in a unit I think. With the 3== shield and IWND on the unit it is not too bad.


I forget what the other one does just that the named HQ is in it.

The other one is Bjorn and two Ven Dreads. They all have a 5++ as long as they're within 6" of Bjorn.


Or, for more flexibility, they can do pretty much the same thing with the Company of the Great Wolf, but not getting the 5++.

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Space wolves can do it..



Company of the Great Wolf detachment = 1 HQ + 2 Elites.


Bjorn the Fell-Handed is a HQ Dread, then throw in some Vens. or whathave you and BAM. I actually plan to run this at some point

I've actually run it. It got destroyed, but it was a lot of fun.

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