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AoS on 5/28 at GG

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Starts at 5:00pm


Ill probably just bring 10 warscrolls of whatever I happen to be working on at the moment,no real comp.But if someone wants to do a comp I can do that too.


Also I plan to bring the new Board game and have it hopefully assembled and ready to play so maybe we can check that out too:)

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I have that Saturday open and could come down as early as 4pm.


I have yet to play AoS and my current army is pretty small, One set of flamers, One Chaos Demon Nurgle Starter box, I did purchase WQ Silver Tower but I am not sure how much of it I will have put together by the 28th. So I am looking to either play silver tower or a smaller beginner game of AoS.

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Small battle azyr forty five points


Herald on burning chariot 4**

Hearld on disk 3*



15 screamers 20

10 pink horrors 5

e. flamers 3

3 flamers 4

15 kairic acolytes 6





(E. flame, 2 screamers, 4 pink extras

plus 14 blue horrors

8 brim horrors


Plus the unopened box too i guess lol


im thinking plastic blue and orange tokens til at least the start collector box..)

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