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Hey guys, im getting ready to move in the next couple of weeks and have a bunch of nerd books I dont care about. If there isnt a price with the book its free and I will happily give it to you. please halp.




3rd edition rulebook

4th edition rulebook

5th edition rulebook

Space Wolves codex 3rd edition

40k Wargear

Orks codex 5th edition

chaos demons 5th edition

tyranids 3rd edition

Tyranids 5th edition

Dark angels codex 3rd edition

catachans codex 3rd edition

Space marines codex 4th edition

Armageddon codex

imperial guard codex 3rd edition

Assasins codex 3rd edition

Eldar codex 2nd edition



other 40k related books

Fantasy minatures 2001




small 8th edition core rulebook

Nagash end times hardback $20

Glottkin end times hardback $15

Khane end times softback $10


none GW stuff

Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish $10

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hey guys, Ive updated the list of books. Still a bunch of stuff so if you want it let me know. If I have any of it left after next tuesday it will be thrown out.


Jim- I can save that 2nd edition eldar codex and let me know if you want anything else for your kids to look through.

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