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Anybody have any old Mordheim models?

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Been thinking of getting an ongoing league started for Mordheim as that's one of my favorite games of all time. I'm wondering if anybody has any old school Mordheim models they would be willing to part with . I love those old often derpy sculpts. I'm looking for Amazons and Sisters of Sigmar in particular, but I'm interested in whatever really.

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Yeah I have the old Amazon starter and Ostlander models but I need a few more for full warbands. EBay charges crazy prices because they're OOP so they're collectible items now. But yeah I think it will be a very casual every once in awhile league with a few house rules and occasional special scenarios. Just tossing around the idea to see if there's interest

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We would probably just do the original rules with a few small tweaks here and there. Maybe cost increases and decreases on certain items and things like limiting the number of ranged weapons people have so as to not make it a boring shooting gallery. One rule I've always used is that black powder weapons never explode because that's lame.


Mostly little things to make it more fun for everyone and a gentleman's agreement to not min max. This has always been a fun narrative game and when people do things like skaven sling spam it diminishes fun for everyone. I'll be thinking up scenarios for a short narrative campaign. Probably won't be until August sometime. That will give me time to get my old Ostlanders stripped and painted and some infinity painting wrapped up, plus I'll be dealing with a move in June.


If people have things they thought were good tweaks to Mordheim then post them here for consideration.


Also Jim, I would totally be down to buy, trade or steal old empire models from you.

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