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Why can't movies get Dr. Doom right?

Brother Glacius

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I've watched all three FF movies now...the last one was a steaming pile, so if you haven't watched it...good...save yourself. But what I don't get is why they can't get Doom right? I mean how hard is it really? He's a metal dude that shoots lightning? BUZZ! Wrong! He's a elemental telekinetic that has a suit fused to his body? BUZZ! Wrong!


He's a brilliant scientist who also dabbles in magic, and he wears a high tech suit of armor. How hard is that to bring to the big screen?


Oh, this thread is brought to you by 1st World Problems....

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Well, the answer to your question is the same answer as to why they did Deadpool so wrong in that trainwreck called Wolverine...the people who often make these decisions have zero clue about the source material, and don't care about it.  They make decisions based off what they feel will be good for the box office, not staying true to the source material.


I mean...FF 2, See Galactus.  WTF


Galactus is not a cloud.


sigh  (though, tbh, that was probably more a budget reason than it was a lets ignore source material reason).

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