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ITS at Glimpses

Don't Panic

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"Hello everyone and welcome to the first ITS tournament at Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare! We will be running the event following standard ITS rules, which can be found here: http://www.infinitythegame.com/archive.php

BEFORE you come, please register at: http://its.infintiythegame.com/ and have your ID Number ready!

Event Info:
$10 Entry
Full ITS Tournament Pack for Prizes
8 player capacity (this can go up if there is a lot of interest)
Mid-Teir (300 points, 6 SWC)
Direct Actions
No Spec. Ops
2-hour rounds

Scenario 1: Frontline
Scenario 2: Decaptitation
Scenario 3: Supremacy


Adam is running it but he doesnt have a SN here.   Its at the new Glimpses in Sherwood and they are stocking/supporting infinity!  I'll probably be TO-ing one for him down the road so he can play.. if you are interested just let me know on here and i can give him your info(if i dont already have your PIN just PM me it).


EDIT: WHOOOPS so i copied it from a fb event so i forgot to put the time down.  DOH!  Its June 12th(Sunday! So you will see my dirty shenanigans for once muwahaha) and says 10am-6pm.

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