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How to be EXCELLENT at Malifaux


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I do work in a digital security research lab.... :)


I gotta say, it's pretty awesome how Vassal basically lets you try whatever! Next time, I'm going to play something new, rather than a crew I actually have. I just hadn't done the research yet, and didn't want to fumble over new rules.


I usually play a solo game (I call it "monofaux") with a crew before I ever play it against another person, to be sure I don't play horribly slowly.


I'm thinking Lynch, Collodi, Kaeris, Raspy or Marcus. Or Ramos. Or Mei. Or..... *head explodes*


Seriously though, Kaeris or Lynch. Or Marcus. Probably Kaeris. Yep. It's Kaeris :) But you're playing Arcanists usually, so maybe it's Lynch..... help me

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