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I've decided to liquidate the bulk of my collection and I'd like to give the club first dibs. 


It's about a dozen armies total, mostly fantasy. The only thing I'm keeping is my dwarves. 


I'll let it go for a pittance on the condition that the buyer take all of it and arranges transport (the usual deal)


High Elves, Tomb Kings, Goblins, Samurai Empire, Space Marines, Vintage Eldar, Most of the first run of Malifaux, all the Inquisitor models with multiples of most figures, several boxes of assorted modular terrain. Lots of vehicle kits from various sources. A lot more. A lot of vintage 80's era figures. Far more than I can list. 


Most of it's fairly well organized into sewing boxes or mini drawers. Probably a dozen or so 'bitz boxes' 


You would definitely need a pickup truck or suv to remove it all. It occupies four full cabinets right now. 


I'll accept any offer over $300.00. Priority given to the person who arranges timely and complete pickup. 


No interest whatsoever in parting out or arranging any kind of complicated long term arrangement. All or nothing please. 




360 695 3724 (text)


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