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Silver tower fun

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Colin and I finally got around to giving the game a go.He chose his Loremaster hero from his Aelf army and I went with my newly painted Excelsior Warpriest:)


Im thinking it was our chosen hero mix but we pretty much got overan with Pink Horrors and Kairic acolytes and we were pretty much only 3 rooms in,lol.We peeked into the 4th room to find that it was the Library occupied by the "Librarian" Pink horror,,er super pink horror that is!


Anyhow,I kept heals up for a while but I dont think we had the damage amongst us to deal with all the spawns,,though I probably could have used the Gryphound a little better,he missed out on a combat round or two do to my fail action choice process,,ah well,all part of learning the game I guess.


Colin still ended up getting a new skill that he will hold on to and have for the next attempt.Im thinking I may try out the Necromancer or perhaps one of my Battlewizards.


I really like this game!..Its going to make the camping trips with us this summer:)

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I got to play last weekend. I went in with the Knight Questor, and my buddy had a Lord Relictor using a card he had on his tablet. They're both slow, but that doesn't matter much in Silver Tower, and the fact that we were both super-tough, and the Questor in particular could dish out some serious damage meant that we managed to make it through the first Trial with just the two of us. Several of the other characters, in particular the Aelf Mistweaver, seem like they'd do a lot better in a bigger party.


The game is definitely a blast, tho. I picked up my own set this weekend, gonna try to get a few other folks hooked it :)

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