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Terrain Project -hills and valleys


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I have this terrain project I have been working off and on for a few years. Getting to a point where I might actually get a finished (part) project in the next few months...figured I would share, maybe will help keep me inspired, my littlest is 2 months old so long chunks of hobby time is sparse!


A great game for me is with well painted models on both sides on a amazing table. I have made various terrain features but I wanted to make a modular system I can stack up and store and reassemble across a table. I really enjoy a table with lots of elevation, and if it flows all the better.


Anyway fast forward through a lot of design trial and error and I am getting close to having a modular system ready to start casting. Here are WIP shots of some hills (I should get the table transition masters this week to start to work on. Lots of silicone molds and resin. Anyway it stacks both horizontally and vertically. Need to finish texturing items in photos and then seal to make master molds.


Next step is to make the transition pieces for the little hills to nest in and transition to table so they don't have that 5mm lip.





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Oh it's over engineered and I deserve the ribbing, but the modular 4x4 table dream is going to knock the socks off...especially when painted! I have to step up my mold game though as the pieces that are two levels deep could be complex. I think July paycheck I will be placing the big resin and silicone order.

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Teaser of the next stage of the project. All of the pictures above transition 1-1/8” per step. I have started on some pieces that translate 2-1/4” a hex. Have several of these that transition from either 2 step to 1 step to ground such as these pictured, or 2-step to ground. But more painting first.


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Five years in making jmgraham.

Played some remote D&D this weekend so worked on my 2.5” tall pieces but also poured some molds and started to work some modular inserts to give it a little bit of variety. Hope to get some tree stump inserts done to take woodland scenic trees. Make the hills very modular to play with. Also thinking about how to do the bases the pieces sit into. Might try rather large single cast piece for each of the three hills.



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