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Hey guys, I will be showing up sometime in the early afternoon on Friday to OFCC with the Warhamsters. I was wondering if there was enough interest in my home grown rules called Endless Highways: Blood, Gas and Steal. The rules were created to use all of the madmax cars I made in this thread.  http://www.ordofanaticus.com/index.php?/topic/25102-vroom-vroom-and-boom-boom/


I was thinking of making a scenario where up to 6 people could play, each player would have 1 pre-constructed vehicle to use.



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There will be plenty of table space and terrain to set this up after the events.


I would love to see it or play it.


We are doing some Gorkamorka games at the club and this is right in my wheelhouse.

oh man, Gorkamorka is my all time favorite game ever and I was influenced heavily by it while designing rules. 


Ok, sounds like there is enough interests that ill bring down enough to play some intro games.

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