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30k Perfect Fortress Emperors Children

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So I've begun to think about and map it out. The table will have 5 parts.


1) seige works.


This will have two parts, loyalist and traitor. Loyalist will have wall of martyrs trenches and bastions. The renegades will have pillboxes, stone barricade trenches.


Open space will have a mix of craters, barbed wire and dragon teeth.


There will be a road from the city which ends in rubble and a ruined vehicle. The table will be flocked as dirty and wet mud.


2) city walls.


Blue forge walls, 2 towers, a few basilisk and hyrda turrets as emplaced weapons. There will be a command bunker behind this.


3) city.


Lots of buildings, plaza, some buildings will be intact. Most/all buildings will have heavy bolter/twin linked stubber emplacement.


The whole area will have stylized tile. The roads will be lined with banners and stylish 30K trees. Very hip.


4) power plant


A mechanicum power plant with large shield generating looking coils. It will be fortified and have more roboric looking defenses.


5) palace.


This will be raised from the rest of the table. Walled in with another blue forge wall. There will be a wall rigged with explosives connecting the inner and outer wall. There will be a landing platform and the steps and entrance to the palace. Which I hope will look Roman with statues of space marines holding up the roof.


I'll draw a map soon. I also plan on writing cool rules for the cities built in defenses.

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My plan for my forces.


I plan on making a foot and seige heavy EC list with SA/militia support.


For both infantry and EC better units will be based with mud, barbed wire, broken masonry and be muddy and have battle damage.


All my non vet units will be in less aggressive poses, look pristine and have tiled bases.


I also plan on having a unit of EC with a single red mechanicum shoulder pad and some element of robotics. They will have more ship decking bases. These are the injured EC who needed augmetics and have sought perfection through the mechanicum. They serve as the forge lords personal body guard. They will deploy inches power plant.


Now I just need to find ways of modeling marines at rest/parade.


Maybe I could have a squad at attention saluting......


I think I'll have the palace guards have a different scheme then the rest but I haven't decided which way I will go with the scheme.


The solar auxilia will be Napoleonic models since they can look very royal and have parade and combat poses. Commanders and special characters will be dressed as posh nobles and based as if they were in a ball room.

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Okay I got majorly distracted by stripping and re-painting all of my imperial guard while I wait for bases to arrive. However what I have is this




2 contempors 

drop pod (debating getting rid of this for somethign else as a drop pod isnt thematic) 

10 phionex guard 

5 30k noise marines 

Mark II command team (standard bearer and champion)

10 converted under slung auto cannon guys 

A bunch of chumps

240 Napoleonic french old guard  to be militia



I have a bunch of fancy shields for breachers so I might try and convert a Mark 4 marines just to see how it looks. Ill probably wait until I can get older marks of armors, or just do a full swap of shields on actual breachers. 




10 palantine blades (just need to attatch jet packs to 5 of them) 

20 chumps

10 man vets plasma squad 

Command Section minus the Lord Marshal and Strageos
Surgeon-Primus Aevos Jovan and Medicae Orderlies
Extra three models (Vox for lasrifle and storm sections and vexillia for the lasrifle section)
Extra five lasrifle soldiers, painted.
Lasrifle Section
Veletaris Storm Section
Dracosan Armoured Transport
around 5 assault marines without jump packs yet 
1 chaplain 
1 praetor 
1 praetor in termi armor 
around 10 termis (calth)
2 contempors 
40k vindicator 
40k rhino 
5 30k noise marines 
10 volkite marines 
I wanna say 10 missle launcher marines 
Haven't started painting yet. Testing out schemes and getting more paints as I need more purples and whites. 
As for the table all I have is 3 aegis defense lines and a firestorm redoubt i had from before starting this project. Ill probably try and finish the army before the table. I think I'd rather play then have something to play on. 
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