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Change facing a Dodge?


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first off, templates always give you a dodge or change facing option.  -3 if outside lof (change facing).  big reason for this ruling/changing in N3 is just how insanely powerful chain rifles were and guided missiles.  they are still amazingly good just not stupid.  but yea you always get a change facing if inside zoc or hit by a template outside lof.  only time you dont get a reaction is if outside of lof, zoc and NOT a template.  i say this for weapon purpose only fwiw(not talking about stealth which can negate zoc option unless they do an action besides move). 


imo i think its still very powerful.  change facing, as exile stated, is still an unlikely situation as most things fail.  i think its a choice more than anything as it makes doing a chain rifle not an auto-do but more pending if you can get ~3 dudes in it as 2 will probably fail which would be worthwhile.  otherwise pop um in the back with a regular gun outside 8 and no reaction...

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