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OFCC Friendly Knight list?


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You MIGHT be able to get away with one list like this on a team if the rest didn't have any SH. It is definitely a cool idea, but may be a tough match for some teams. It depends on the HOG, of course, though.


"My Sgt Stomps your XXXXX."  lmao


Yes, not everyone will be able to deal with a squad of 30ft tall Space Marines.  Observation there, FW says the Marines are 6", and I measured my Crusader at just over 6 and a half.  I don't feel half an inch there constitutes modeling for advantage.  I'm more concerned about the width, but the pictures seem to be comparable.  Won't know for sure until it's on my desk.


Weapon loads.  I need to choose one as my basic Tactical Marine.  Either Gallant with a Weapon, or a Warden.  Going Gallant with the weapon reduces the armies ranged output significantly, but then I'm breaking height dramatically.  Thoughts on this?

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Warden is the basic Tac Marine. Gallant is your PowerFist Sergeant. And potentially either an Errant (Marine with Meltagun) or Paladin (Marine with Missile Launcher).


That's what I was picturing, well, MM instead.  ^_^  But Meltagun fits better and will be easier to convert.



That's just a lot of dakka at 2k points. 6 Knights, I think.  



Inquisitor is about half this size, isn't it?  I was thinking, perhaps instead of 6 knights, 4 Knights and a handfull of Dreadknight Assassins?  So 4" action figures would be True Scale humans to the 6" armored Space Marines, right?

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