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FS: 2nd Ed Metal IG Cadians Mordians Tallarn (Added Fire Warriors, 40K Rulebook)


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OK, living in a 400 Sq Ft apartment has its downsides, and I need to clear some stuff out. Since I'm also not using my guard on account of not liking to haul around a case full of metal models on transit, they're first up. The "Green Guard" were painted by someone else, rather a better painter than me. The "Grey Guard" are the ones I painted. The "other" are mostly bare or primed, but there are a few that need to be stripped. I'm going to get pics, but wanted to get the post up as soon as I got the inventory done. I'll also be adding Vehicles in a bit, but need to dig them out.


In general, I'm looking for something like $4 each for basic dudes, a bit more for specials/sgts/etc, and $12 for Heavy Weapons Teams, with increasing discounts for bulk, and free shipping as long as you get enough that I'm not screwing myself on it. If I don't get any bites here in the next week or two, I'm going to put them on eBay, but I wanted to give Ordites a chance first.


Since the main point is to clear out space, I'm primarily looking for cash, but a really sweet trade offer (FW stuff, basically) might do the trick.


Green Guard
19 Cadian Lasgunners
1 Cadian Vox Casters
1 Cadian Meltaguns
1 Cadian Plasmaguns
2 Cadian Flamers
2 Cadian Sergeants (1 Laspistol, 1 Bolt Pistol)
2 Cadian Lascannon

Grey Guard
47 Cadian Lasgunners (4 Catachan headswaps)
2 Cadian Vox Casters
2 Cadian Meltaguns
4 Cadian Plasmaguns
1 Cadian Flamers
3 Cadian Grenade Launchers (converted)
2 Cadian Snipers (converted)
3 Cadian Lascannon
3 Cadian Autocannon

2 Mordian Lasgunners
3 Mordian Vox Casters (converted)
3 Mordian Meltaguns
2 Mordian Flamers
1 Mordian Sergeant/Officer (Laspistol/Chainsword)
3 Mordian Lascannon

7 Cadian Lasgunners (5 Catachan headswaps)
6 Cadian Tank Crew (3rd Ed)
1 Cadian Tank Commander
1 Cadian Meltagun
1 Cadian Plasmagun
3 Cadian Flamers
2 Cadian Sergeants (1 Bolt Pistol, 1 with hands removed)
3 Cadian Heavy Bolters (plus most of a fourth. Missing Loader, Gunner’s legs, 1 wheel)

13 Mordian Lasgunners
3 Mordian Meltaguns
3 Mordian Flamers
1 Mordian Grenade Launcher
2 Mordian Sergeants/Officers (1 Laspistol, 1 Bolt Pistol)
1 Mordian Lascannon

1 Tallarn Lasgunner
3 Tallarn Plasmaguns
2 Tallarn Grenade Launchers
2 Tallarn Sergeants/Officers (1 Bolter, 1 Plasma Pistol)
1 Tallarn Lascannon

3 Catachan Snipers

2 Valhallan Basilisk Crew

1 RT-era Commissar (no arms)

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Are the cadian's plastic or the metal ones? (for special weapons) and pictures?

The 2nd Ed Cadians were only ever released in metal. They're significantly different sculpts from the current plastics.


Interested in any trades for the mordians? I always wanted to do an Orks Drift theme British army thing with them?

Possibly. Let me dig through your trade thread and see what I can find. I'll send you a PM after.

I'm interested in the Valhallan Basilisk crew, if you have pics.


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Hoping to do a big photoshoot on Tuesday. I did get a rough inventory of the tanks I want to clear out tho:

3 Leman Russ Demolishers (2 metal hybrid, 1 FW Turret)

1 Leman Russ Vanquisher

1 Leman Russ

1 Comverted Russ that could work as a Demolisher, Conqueror, or Eradicator

2 Hellhounds (metal hybrid)

3 Chimerae

2 Medusae (Converted, one has an Enclosed Crew Compartment, the other is half-done)

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Everything I own that uses AA batteries uses them in pairs. Thus, it really confuses me that whenever the batteries run out in something, I always have just one left in the drawer. Got the Tanks and most of the Heavy Weapons shot, need to run to the store for more batteries before I can finish up and get them transferred to the computer.

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