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INQ 28mm Interest


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Hello there,


I recently moved from NY to The Columbia Gorge.  


I'm curious about if there are any people out there in our area that may have interest in playing or starting a small group of Inquisitor 28mm players?



What is Inquisitor 28mm?


Was under the impression that Inquisitor was played exclusively at the 54mm level.

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I'm sure it won't be very helpful, as we're located in Vancouver (WA), but a friend of mine has been talking about running some INQ28 / Inquisamunda after the new year. Actually, the ruleset we are looking at using is Age of 'Munda, which is basically modified Age of Sigmar rules. Think the idea is that we keep the rules simple and put the emphasis on story, in order to attract some of our non-miniature playing friends.



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Will you guys be playing with painted models and terrain?

We will probably play at Dice Age, which means painted terrain.


For miniatures, my friend and I like to play with painted minis, but since were looking at starting in January it might not be feasible to have our entire warbands painted. We've got another player interested who almost certainly will NOT paint his minis (has had a Nid army for about 10 years, never painted a mini yet), and another potential player who isn't a mini gamer.


I much prefer painted minis, but it's never been a requirement for our various gaming groups.

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