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Not sure how big I'll let this army get, what with that large tyranid project and my Imperium which I'm also working on, but I acquired a used copy of the Khorne Daemonkin Codex and that's inspired me to start another actual army.


So for starters, I'm not a fan of Chaos armies that follow the STCs. So I'll be converting and doing lots of counts as for this army. And for those that know me, I've got a bias against plastic models, so I'll be light on plastics for this army too, though some things are unavoidable. I will also be mixing Hordes Skorne models in with these, as I intend to keep the same paint scheme across both armies (I have a small Skorne army), so some of the models will be intended to be useable for both games. And if that wasn't enough restrictions, I also plan to at least keep in mind using some of these models as AOS Khorne Bloodbound, even though I don't really play that game (now). 


Okay, that stuff aside, I was looking at various OOP metal models, trying to decide how best to represent a Skull Cannon or Blood Throne model, and then it hit me: I'm going to make a Warhammer Siege army. I've got some of the old Warhammer Seige models already, plus I did pick up the Dreadhold models when they released. Always wanted to play (or see played) Warhammer Siege, but that's not really going to happen - what I can do, is make an army thematically warhammer seige, but within the Khorne Daemonkin Codex. 


Plus, it would be very fun to show up in the 41st millenium with wooden/brass 16th century siege equipment and inform my opponent that these are daemons of khorne, coming from the timeless warp, and our building materials are durable enough to threaten the ranks of the technologically superior armies of 40k...(with orks being included as technologically superior to the Khorne Daemons) 

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So updates and Pictures. First, decided to go with Savage "Orruk" models for the bloodletters. Models aren't really cheaper, but the kit includes a two-orruk bit where they are carrying a big stabber - that was the seller, since I've been debating how to make the siege bloodletters look right when holding things (like ladders). So my plan for the first set, is ladder bearers in the same pose. 

Second, having paint issues. Ran out of primer, Gloss spray is running out and lately is turning models milky, and I recently ran out of red. Those are the main delays. Gloss is probably just old, but I've ruined my fully painted bloodthirster twice, and had to repaint over the ruined sections. Now it's partially glossed. 

So, here's 5 "bloodletters" without gloss spray (they'll look so much better with the spray). They've got flaming "hellblades" and lots of extra bony things. Got a Skull Drummer, a standard bearer, and 1 of 2 models to hold the ladder, plus 2 others. Paint scheme is actually very similar to how I was planning to paint the Tzeentch Daemons I had, but it's reversed with red primary and blue highlights (tzeentch would be blue with red).


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39 minutes ago, generalripphook said:

So all of your demons are going to have seize equipment? 

Not every one, but the idea is a Siege army. So I've got the infantry, and some will have ladders they carry. I've got some Siege Towers, which I really want to use as the Khorne Lord of Skulls, but I haven't quite figured out that conversion. Bloodthirster I took is just a normal bloodthirster (as if he needs siege equipment, though I did take the two-handed axe). I've got one of those Covered siege rams, which I'm thinking will have a few Bloodletters manning the ram, and then a "chief" bloodletter on a throne to represent the Blood Throne. I've got various fantasy Cannons I've been slowly acquiring, so I'll figure out a skull cannon. 

I've just always wanted to have a siege army, but the rules for that in warhammer (fantasy or 40k) just aren't happening. I did get a copy of the Warhammer Siege rules for several editions ago, but it actually looks pretty compatible with AoS if anyone wants to give that a try. I don't really play AoS, but I'd be tempted if they did more toward siege warfare. 

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1 hour ago, PourSpelur said:

Shocking how well red Savage Orks work as Khorne Daemons!

Yeah, and the other shocking bit is how well the savage orcs look next to a bloodthirster. I've always thought the bloodletters don't look enough like the bloodthirster, while these actually look closer to a bloodthirster than the current bloodletters do. Posture, mostly. And these models have no fragile bits, unlike the very fragile plastic bloodletters. 

If anyone else does go this route for their daemons, I will note that the kit doesn't actually include enough "hellblades" for what I did above for the entire army. I actually converted a bunch of their spears into additional hellblades. The Khorne symbol is from the bloodletters kit, which I got in bits from Pretre (thanks for that, by the way). Really simple paint scheme and modeling. Another note is that unlike the Space Ork sprue, most of these models are stuck in one pose, without conversion, rather than having every arm be interchange able. 


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