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30k at ofcc


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Hey guys so I'm just checking to see what the interest would be like for a 30k set up at ofcc. On Facebook we have a group called rose city Horus heresy and if you're not so interested in that group I created a slightly different group for the more competitively inclined personalities called rose city Horus heresy competitive. As far as I know there will be a 30k event at ofcc and I'm hoping for those 30k players who play with 40k will potentially switch over to playing straight up 30k this round. Feel free to check out the Facebook pages and get in on the great 30k community we have available in the Portland metro area and yes we stretch as far as I believe Salem and as Far East as the dalles

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@Derek: For clarity, each game in the OFCC has one HoG (Head of Gaming) which is in charge of it. Last year, the 40k HoG allowed 30k to join their event, but as you say, they were playing 40k as 30k players. If you want a 30k specific event at the OFCC, you'll need an actual HoG specific for 30k. Not totally sure on the requirements to become one, but I recall it requiring Ordo Senate approval (yeah, there is actually a senate for this forum of nerds which makes the descisions and manages the funding).

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I believe matt is hog for it.

Well, if matt is HoG for the 30k section of the OFCC, really need to get matt to create a thread that explains what the 30k at the OFCC is going to look like. Rules and points, painting requirements and so forth. Most of the OFCC players really like to plan ahead when making armies, so the sooner the better. 


And, really, should get matt talk to the Ordo Senate about having a 30k subforum. I know the point of this thread was to get 40k players to actually play 30k, but I think you'd get more players if you had a clear presence on the boards. 


PS: Both of these are things you could do too. Main thing is that whomever is HoG for the 30k should run point. Kinda feels like you are the middleman, though I could certainly be misreading it.

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Sorry for missing this thread I am still figuring out this forum thing. I will be the 30k HoG. Here is the low down on the 30k OFCC event. I am working on talking to the movers and shakers on getting a forum thread setup.

Rose City Horus Heresy will be joining forces with Ordo Fanaticus to host a 30k campaign event for this year's Ordo Fanaticus Club Challage (OFCC). We will be pitting Traitor and Loyalist forces in a simple campaign (see rules below). tickets will be $50 each ($40 for Ordo Fanaticus Champions)

Tickect will be on sale at the link below. You will have to buy your tickets for which faction you are fighting for loyalist or traitor.

Info for the 30k event:
1. We will have 32 spots for our 30k event aka 16 tables. (limited space)
2. you will need to sign up as Traitor or Loyalist.
-there will be 16 traitor spots
-there will be 16 loyalist spots
3. It will be 3 games Saturday and 2 games Sunday.
4. tickets will be $50 ($40 for Ordo Fanacticus champions).
5. Where to buy tickets will be posted when tickets go on sale.
6. OFCC will be held at the Hilton hotel in Vancouver WA. (basicly Portland OR.)
7. It will be a campaign not a tournament.
8. Dates for OFCC are July 28th - 30th, 2017
Junkhouse Entertainment LLC will be giving away a Burning of Prospero and a Betrayal at Calth boxset as prizes. One for best sportsmanship and the other for best overall army (best army will be judged on paint, modeling and theme) 

1. Players choose to fight for a faction (loyalist or traitors)
2. 2,500 point armies
3. Armies must be chosen from one of the Age of Darkness army lists
4. No Shattered Legions
5. Armies must conform to one of the force organization charts found in the Age of Darkness books with all limitions.
6. Games will be organized by having traitors fighting loyalist.
7. Each faction will score campaign points base off game out come.
-Win= 3 points
-Loss= 0 points
-Tie= 1 point
8. Armies must be fully painted and must be what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)
9. Models must be 30k compatible. (feel free to contact me if you have questions on what is 30k compatible)

Facebook event page:


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