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  1. Gauging Interest in an AoS Army Grow league

    Update on this:) Geeks and Games in Oregon City will be starting an escallation league in Sept starting at 500 points and working up to 2k.This will be running on their Friday evening game sessions.Ive decided to join in on this as they have a rather active and casual group playing at their sessions.The group there is very new player oriented as well so this would be a good fit for those of us looking to start new armies,or just play and hone skills with an existing one in a more layed back setting. Those interested can join the fb group -OC Geeks and Gamers,,more info will be posted about this in the coming weeks:)
  2. 40K 8th ed, Battle Forged, Power Level and Points

    Yup,,no structure or use of battleforge would be just "open" play,,bring what ya want and plop it down.Players could even use power levels or even points for a session like this if they wanted to keep things close.Its essentially what used to be "unbound".
  3. 40K 8th ed, Battle Forged, Power Level and Points

    Battleforged is the "structure" of the army,,you can build an army with any points system and it can Battleforged.Of course we are only dealing with 3 types of point systems,those being "No Points",Power Levels and of course "Points".
  4. Mortarion...

    It is a bit odd,,though I get the "king of the flies" angle on it as well. In that pic hes looking too Tzeetch`ish..needs more of a "bloat fly" look to him or something.
  5. Renegade Open GT Nov 17-19

    Youre going???...thats AWESOME!
  6. Gauging Interest in an AoS Army Grow league

    Not competative at all really,,just a way to play the game from the smallest scaling to the "most standard" sized games.I would even like to throw in a few multiplayer sessions using the new Triumph and Treachery rules in the GH2. I like to play the "whole game" that is narrative,multiplayer,skirmish,PTG and even competative matched stuff.Not just the same 6 matched play scenarios over and over until we have figured out the top 10 or so builds and everyone is running those only...that,to me is just boring.
  7. Gauging Interest in an AoS Army Grow league

    That would be totally fine:) I just mention the new army thing as it would start out with just a few models and end up with a full 2k army(or more).Though its fine if players want to switch armies for PTG or even the final escallation or even the finale Tournament.
  8. Post OFCC ITC rankings

    Yeah,,was going to mention you and Alex as Alex is sitting at 9th overall and number one Death..but since you guys decided to go play "other games" besides the AWESOME Age of Sigmar Minatures game...I left you two out Still since you two are our top two regional players I would love to see you guys face off sometime:)
  9. Looking for interested players for starting a Shadespire Skirmish Campaign in AoS. This would lead up to a Path to Glory campaign.This of course will leave players with a fairly good start on a 2k list for regular play. Then we could possibly do a few escallation sessions to round out for the 2k points. The final event would be a 3 round tournament:) I will be modifying the summoning rules in the PTG system so that players will need to be holding back follower slots for summoning,,or something along those lines if they wish to summon units. This would be a series of games over several months setting a target of perhaps 2 skirmish games per session and perhaps 2 PTG games per session per month as we ramp up to larger size armies. Rather than try to set this to be a weekly thing(which would be hard for me to do)I would prefer to have a set night once per month,,though im open to twice a month.For location Guardian is usually a good choice for all but we do have other shops in the area that are more than happy to have some AoS going on.Im even up to "shop hopping" this around if thats what players would like to see,,I know that can be hard for some though. The way I would run this is I would have a set time and location for event start,a 15 min time limit on late comer (unless im notified they are running late of course).Then I will pair people up.I will not be playing in these sessions unless an odd number of players show up and someone needs a game,though I will keep a force going session to session using the "draw" result for point choices and unit gains.This can also work for those that cant make a session or two,,I can guide them on what to use for points and ability gains so they stay on par with the group:). This is a great way to start an army from scratch,build and paint the models as you grow(though no painting requirements to play of course,heh) Lets get some thoughts on this:)
  10. Post OFCC ITC rankings

    Figured I would do a post event ITC snapshot for you all. Sotzeentchy-Joe Krier--15th overall/#2 of 41 Tzeentch/2 events played Mexican Ninja-Arturos Gonzalez- 19th overall/Numero Uno! Ironjawz player out of 28 / 3 events played WillianWallace85-Kyle Breckenridge-21st overall/#2 Sylvaneth of 30/3 events played Threejacks-Keith Jackson-31st overall/#2 Bonesplitterz out of 7/3 events played Trema-Joshua Even-56th overall/#7 Stormcast out of 59/2 events played Deadwing34-Jeremy Conser-91st overall/#12 Tzeentch of 41/2 events played Pyre Warden-Steve Benz- 196th overall/#13 Sylvaneth out of 30/1 event played Crash311-Martin Lund-330th overall/#5 Beastclaws out of 12/ 1 event played Lustriangod-Mike Case-359th overall/#8 Seraphon out of 13/1 event played (son of) Crash311-Max-399th overall/#35 Destruction out of 40/1 event played Keep in mind that playing in as many events as you can is the easiest way to get into the top ranks of this system,,take me for instance,,I get my [big bad swear word] pushed most all the time but still rank in the top 10% just cuz I show up..so yeah its kinda like one of those online games were ya spawn in and go afk and let everyone else carry ya lol. Also be sure to list your allegiences correctly when loggin your info for an event.In cases were you are a specific army allegiance it can be much easier to get good ranking within that specific armies group than the Grand Alliance one...the specific armies will become more populated with players over time as they all go through their popularity hills and valleys.
  11. First off I wanted to thank the club for welcoming Age of Sigmar to the event roster this year,we had 10 make it to the tables and we all had a great time! Event results from BCP can be found here- https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/r/qp782dae OFCC awards went to- Best Overall -Sotzeentchy,Joe Krier--Note that Joe had flown in from Minnesota for his first OFCC:) Best Sporting- Pyre Warden, Steve Benz Best Painted Army-Lustriangod,Mike Case (Hope I spelled your screen name correctly,heh) Best Painted Terrain Piece-Mexican Ninja,Arturos Gonzalez. Top Generals for the Grand Alliances- Chaos-Sotzeentchy Order- PyreWarden Destruction-Mexican Ninja Death----Sorry death but you didnt make it to the tables..nothing at all wrong with a "Death free" AoS event though. In addition to Sotzeentchy making it in we also had Crash311 and his son Max comming in from the Auburn Wa area with the rest of us from the local area here. We chose not to "toggle" list power levels through comp since AoS is still a relatively new game on the competative level,yet this approach worked out pretty well due to the nature of AoS and its mix of matrched play scenarios.I believe there were a few games that ended by turn 3 however I heared of no complaints about armies being totally dominating.Joe was playing an interesting Change host list that caught many of us off guard as ive yet to see anything like it played in our area,,even still he knows his army very well and played very solid games with it,,I think all who played him had a good time having a go at it...myself,I think I need at least two more Kunning Rukks to have a chance against it though,lol. Finally,I want to thank the OFCC Senate for the great support on this event,and the(much needed) support for myself as a first time HOG for an OFCC event.These guys at the front desks do indeed put alot of time and effort into making this event happen.
  12. Game Changing... Again!

    As per the contents-- "Open war cards" Not to mention it does indeed look like we get a slew of new matched play scenarios.Would love to be able to run an event and throw in a scenario using the cards amongst the matched play ones. Once I get my hands on this pub, I plan to put up a fall ITC event,,hoping to have it at G &G in Oregon city:)
  13. Dont shelve the game though,,we have a next handbook coming in August along with the new Path to Glory book,,which im really interested in trying to get a monthly league going based around it:)
  14. Game Changing... Again!

    Nice to see its close to release. Also,,word has it that there will be minimal rule changes,mostly just points changes(much needed in many areas) and likely new scenarios,ways to play and,hopefully a set of cards to randomize scenarios like 40k just got:)